Friday, 10 May 2013

A Dendrologist at Westonbirt

I have been given the exciting opportunity to work in a unique role here at Westonbirt, where a major part of my role shall be co-ordinating and undertaking a verification project of the collection, in order to improve the standard of curation. This important task will fulfil an objective outlined in the Arboretum’s 5 year strategy and further inform us in our decision making in the management of the collection.   

I shall endeavour to provide updates of the project here, whilst also highlighting trees and plants of particular interest growing with us at both Westonbirt and further afield.


  1. This is very interesting stuff. I'd like to learn more about how Abies amabilis (pacific silver fir)is adapting to Westonbirt. It is not a common species in the UK

    1. Hi. We have just one specimen of Abies amabilis currently growing in the collection at Westonbirt. This is a young tree, planted in 1999, and is doing well, growing in rather moist soil. Referring to old planting books, the species has been grown here previously, though evidently doesn't fare as well as other western North American Abies do with us here.